At Podsystem, we are always looking for motivated, talented individuals to join our multi-national team. If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV and a cover letter to

Current Vacancies

System Architect / Devops Engineer


Are you passionate about solving complex software problems on a large scale? Do you value agile methodologies? Do you want to build systems and services using the latest technologies?

If you have answered yes to these questions, Podsystem Ltd. may be the right place for you!

We want you to join Podsystem Ltd. as a Systems Architect / Devops Engineer, to lead the development and administration of our systems. We hope you understand the operation of our applications and platforms and are able to build the best “highway” to “drive efficiently and safely.”

In Podsystem Ltd. we have applications and platforms to service more than 300 clients through a web interface and API. Currently, our database weighs 500GB, supports a concurrency of 500 requests per minute (200ms of response) and consists of three replicas. We use NodeJS + MongoDB technologies in the backend and Drupal / AngularJS in the frontend. Our entire infrastructure is hosted by cloud providers (virtual and bare-metal) with Linux servers (Ubuntu Server / CentOS).


As Systems Architect / Devops you will be responsible for:

  • High availability : Ensure 99.9% service for our applications and platforms(maximum downtime per year: 10h)
  • Performance : Ensure optimal response times as we scale up the number of requests per minute.
  • Integrity : To prevent the loss or data corruption of our applications and platforms.
  • Security : Protect the infrastructure from unauthorized intrusion.
  • Automation : Identifying, designing, configuring and maintaining automation tools for continuous integration.
  • Acquisitions : Make technical and economic proposals for the purchase, upgrade or renovation of infrastructure.
  • Optimization : Analyze, collaborate and make technical proposals in the current platforms and systems.


You will integrate with the rest of the Podsystem’s dev-team, participating in our agile planning sessions. We want your guidance as we decide to evolve the features of our applications and platforms, so that the development plan goes together with a systems plan. Your typical day to day tasks will be as follows:

  • Transform the backend into a microservice oriented architecture communicated via message queues.
  • Design and implement geographic replication of the architecture to ensure high availability.
  • Analyze the code of applications and platforms to identify performance improvements.
  • Monitor applications and platforms. Create, serve and analyze availability and performance alerts.
  • Manage databases, improve query performance, ensure cluster scalability.
  • Automate the provision and deployment of servers for the development, pre-production and production environments.
  • Automate the configuration management of the environments: software versions, security policies, monitors.
  • Identify and propose solutions to the potential security problems in our applications and the system software.
  • Identify and propose updates of the system software used in our platforms.
  • Provisioning, configuring and maintaining load balancers, firewalls, domain names, SSL certificates, etc.
  • Propose and implement a backup policy.
  • Determine rules and procedures for the use of both systems and platforms.
  • Prepare periodic reports of the company’s systems.
  • Establish performance measures and quality control systems.

Experience Required

  • Computer Science degree
  • 5 years experience in the sector
  • 2 years experience as DevOps
  • High level of English (spoken and written)

Required Skills

  • Administration and security of Linux systems
  • Design, development and monitoring of the use of REST APIs
  • Design, development and monitoring of services and microservices with NodeJS
  • MongoDB database management: configuration, replication, sharding, monitoring and performance tuning
  • Configuration management and deployments with Chef, Puppet or Ansible
  • Version control systems: Git

Desired Skills

  • Monitoring applications and servers with NewRelic
  • Queue management, balancers and cache: RabbitMQ, ha-proxy, memcache, etc.
  • Agile methodologies: SCRUM, Kanban, etc.

What Do We Offer?

  • Money is not the most important thing but makes life easier. Depending on your experience we offer a salary between 23K and 28K.
  • Our offices are in the centre of Seville. We enjoy having our meetings on the terrace with incredible views of the cathedral.
  • We are proud of our multicultural and multilingual team and environment. Working hard with no fun is not cool.
  • Good health is essential so we offer a very good health plan for all employees.
  • Possibility to work remotely whenever you consider that it is not necessary to come to the office. We will miss you but sometimes this is good for concentration and creativity…