FreedoM-2-Manage SIM Management Platform

Manage Your M2M Connectivity and Prepare for the Future of Big Data

The FreedoM-2-Manage platform has been designed to enable you to control your complete M2M SIM card base from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Watch the video below to see the features of our F2M platform and learn how to control your M2M SIM cards online. Existing functionality allows you to automate administrative tasks, activating SIMs and monitoring your data usage in real time, including setting data credit limits and creating alerts.

We are currently working on adding client billing, which will bring major new features to the platform. We are also integrating with LPWAN technologies, the first of which is RPMA from Ingenu.

In addition, we will be adding to the platform’s intuitive user interface by including Business Intelligence tools, which will create custom reports on data usage and other aspects of your M2M SIM card base. With the arrival of Big Data and the need to quickly process and analyze large volumes of information, this flexible platform has been designed to scale easily and accommodate future requirements in the fast growing Machine to Machine market.

Save time, money and resources by automating your admin

  • Monitor the status and location of all your M2M SIM cards online
  • View real-time data usage on selected M2M SIM cards
  • Set data limits and create alerts based on these limits
  • Secure and reliable platform run on no-single-point-of-failure data centers on the latest servers

Major new features, currently in development, include:

  • A white label solution that can be branded with your company logo
  • The ability to create customer profiles, allowing them to control their M2M SIM cards online
  • The ability to create and assign M2M products to individual customers (including pre-paid and post-paid products)
  • The ability to bill your customers at the tariffs you set

Prepare your business for the possibilities offered by Big Data - coming soon

  • Intuitive user interface enabling you to control, bill and analyze from one online platform
  • Custom reports available to analyze different aspects of your M2M data usage
  • Data displayed graphically in easy to interpret graphs and diagrams
  • Quickly compare different sources of data to draw conclusions relevant to your or your customers’ business
  • Use analysis of “Big Data” to improve internal processes and make your organization more efficient

Need a mobile version of the F2M platform?

Follow the link to our mobile app

There is no cost for using the FreedoM-2-Manage SIM Management Platform if you are using Podsystem SIMs. If you don’t use our SIMs but would like to enquire about using our billing and management solution, please see our White Label Platform or call us to discuss options.

Watch our video to see the main features of our F2M platform for yourself!

Please note – As we are constantly adding to and improving the platform, not all current features may be shown in the video.

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