Global Multi IMSI Solutions

FreeWay No Single Point of Failure M2M Solution

Break the barriers to global data access by avoiding points of failure on the network


Ensuring your data gets to its destination is a bit like driving on a highway; you want to find the fastest, most direct route possible while avoiding unforeseen barriers like construction and traffic jams. Imagine if each highway also provided access to multiple independent highways all leading to the same destination – you could say goodbye to these problems forever! This is what PodsystemM2M’s FreeWay solution does for your data. Just as traffic jams can slow you down in the car, problems on a mobile network can prevent data from reaching its destination. To avoid these points of failure your network must be fully redundant, something that can only be achieved through access to multiple independent networks. This does not come without its challenges, especially when we consider that many networks share infrastructure, and that roaming M2M SIM cards are dependent on a single core operator with global roaming agreements.

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Automatic back-up via multiple independent IoT networks

Our 15+ years’ experience working with global mission critical applications has led us to develop a unique “No-Single-Point-of-Failure” solution designed specifically for M2M technologies and IoT applications.

  • We have agreements with a growing list of networks around the world and have included their independent IMSIs on our M2M SIM cards
  • We have designed an application on the SIM card that automatically detects loss of signal and swaps to an IMSI on a completely different infrastructure, preventing loss of M2M connectivity
  • We have developed an Over-The-Air (OTA) platform to update the SIM card profile remotely “on-demand” which ensures complete control over the connectivity of the device

Never worry about swapping SIM Cards again

As coverage and prices change, the need to remotely update your SIM card profile on demand becomes essential, particularly for remote applications or those that use embedded SIMs. PodsystemM2M FreeWay not only allows back-up on multiple independent networks, it also enables you to future proof your device by sending new networks to the SIM Over-The-Air.

Save money on troubleshooting

All this is available through one easy-to-use, online platform, accessible from anywhere at any time. When combined with 24 hour support from M2M experts, this means you save time and money which would otherwise be spent on sending engineers to your devices.

Traditional Roaming SIMs Podsystem FreeWay Solution
Traditional roaming SIM cards rely on a core network, which owns the physical SIM card and provides the service through agreements with networks worldwide. Firstly, the SIM card is owned by YOU, not the network. We provide a profile on the SIM which consists of independent IMSIs from different networks around the world.
Although the SIM card automatically swaps networks if it loses connection, if there is a technical issue on the core infrastructure, the SIM is incapable of connecting to any network. Our solution enables the SIM card to automatically swap between IMSIs (networks) on completely separate infrastructures, creating a “No Single Point of Failure” network topology.
In the cases above, the only solution is to swap the SIM out and use a SIM from another network, which is the worst-case scenario for any M2M company when devices are located in rural or inaccessible areas. IMSIs can also be swapped Over The Air (OTA) avoiding any disruption to the connectivity of the application.

As we negotiate new tariffs with existing and new networks, we can add these to the SIM card profile OTA, ensuring you always have the best pricing available. Even if you decide to work with a different supplier, we can provide you with the required commands to update your SIMs OTA, avoiding the need to swap them out.

A complete M2M solution for complete control

The FreeWay solution consists of the following elements:

  • A proprietary multi-network, best signal SIM card
  • A range of flexible data bundles, specifically designed for M2M applications
  • A choice of single country, European or global coverage options
  • Our FreeWay application, which automatically swaps between IMSIs if there are issues on one of the networks and also allows IMSIs to be swapped OTA
  • Access to the FreedoM-2-Manage platform, our online management and billing portal
  • Emergency support with M2M experts available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week

M2M device requirements:

In order to use FreeWay, your device will need an STK (SIM Application Toolkit). In most devices this is included as standard, but with some customized M2M devices you will need to check with your manufacturer. For further information about FreeWay and device requirements please contact us. To get pricing for your specific connectivity needs, visit our free quote page for tailored, no obligation advice.

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The FreeWay solution was awarded the highest score for innovation, research and development in the Invest In Spain program, co-financed by FEDER, the European Commission Fund for Regional Development in the European Union.