Middle East and Africa data SIM cards


Middle East and Africa data SIM cards

Our Middle East SIM card combines with our Africa Multi-Network SIM to offer unrivalled coverage across this region, including multiple networks within each country to ensure that coverage is not lost as devices roam. With flat rate data across the region and the ability to combine coverage from different core networks, we make it easy to benefit from the best prices for multi-network M2M SIM cards.

M2M and IoT penetration in key African and Middle Eastern markets is set to grow rapidly over the next few years. Podsystem is constantly negotiating new IMSIs to add additional coverage and networks to its global portfolio, making it an ideal partner to provide North Africa multi-network SIM cards and mobile and cellular data SIMs in sub-Sahara and South Africa. Since we work with multiple core networks globally we can design a solution with customized coverage across this region.


Middle East and Africa data SIM card solution for M2M / IoT includes:

  • Data SIM cards for system integrators, app developers. For resellers, volume sales, wholesale please visit our wholesale data SIM cards.
  • A proprietary Middle East and Africa M2M data SIM card with “best signal”, multi-network connectivity across the region.
  • Multi-network SIMs. The SIM will automatically search for the best signal in the area when the device is switched on. If it loses signal, it will automatically connect to the next available network, making it more reliable than single network SIMs especially in rural areas.
  • 24/7/365 access to our emergency support team, formed of IoT / M2M experts and members of our management team.


Smart SIM

SMART SIM. Multi-IMSI for extra resilience and SIM backup.


Connectivity options

GPRS, 2G and 3G connections available.


Best Signal, Multi-Network

Non Steered. Multiple networks available in each country to maximize coverage.


One Global SIM card

One SIM, one APN globally. All SIM sizes available.


F2M Management Platform

F2M SIM Management Platform to control your SIMs anywhere.


Support & Expertise

Top Account Management and Support from our expert team.

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  • SIM cards, data plans and SIM management platform, all you need to control your SIM base.
  • All our data plans can be configured to use per MB, data pooling and bundles. You can set it up easily using our F2M SIM management platform.
  • Great coverage – See full coverage list here
  • Easy onboarding: No hassle, no stress, in less than 48 hours.

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