M2M SIM Cards for Charities

Podsystem works with charities to provide data services and M2M SIM cards free of charge* to registered charities through our SIMs for Charities Program. If you are a registered charity that uses data and SIM cards as part of your charitable work, or would like to do so, please get in touch with us to see if we can help.

We work with charities across a range of voluntary sectors, from youth support services to volunteer emergency rescue, and we provide SIMs and data for devices that include mobile card readers and multi-network SIMs for emergency pagers. We want to help your charity make savings on the costs of SIMs and data charges so that these resources can be freed up to focus on delivering your charity’s core services. We assess applications from registered charities on a case-by-case basis: our only criterion is that the cost of the M2M solutions provided by us would otherwise have to be met from donations.

In addition, if you are a charity using devices, hardware, or services that use SIM cards, let us know – We may be able to approach some of our clients to request their support through the provision of goods and services at a low cost, or none at all.

*All SIMs provided to charities will be subject to our Charity Terms & Conditions. We are under no obligation to provide SIMs or data free of cost. Any decisions we reach are final and will be entirely at our own discretion. We will apply monthly data limits (according to each charity’s needs) as a safeguard against high charges resulting from stolen cards, fraud, or faulty hardware. To ensure our SIMs for Charities Programme is available to as many charities as possible, if a large number of SIMs are required for a single charity, we may offer SIMs and data at below gross cost.

Please contact us for more information