A Fresh Approach to Remote IoT Connectivity

There are a huge number of IoT devices, often roaming across countries and continents, that are located outside urban areas. This poses significant challenges to both the design and connectivity of the device, the biggest concern being that there is no room for error, as troubleshooting and maintenance of remote and roaming devices is complicated and costly.

podsystemm2m-a-fresh-approach-to-remote-iot-connectivityAs part of the Internet of Things North America conference in Chicago Illinois (April 13th – 14th 2016), Podsystem Inc. CEO Sam Colley presented ‘A Fresh Approach to Remote IoT Connectivity’.

Sam addressed the challenges faced by remote IoT applications developers and discussed ways of overcoming them.

His presentation was based on an infographic which is available for download below. Alternatively, you can download the presentation with explanatory notes on each slide.

Our infographic “A Fresh Approach to remote IoT Connectivity” has been designed to provide IoT applications developers – particularly those focused on remote, roaming and mission critical applications – with information and advice on connectivity options, device design and future-proofing to prolong the lifespan of the application and avoid costly mistakes. The infographic covers the following:

Exponential growth of the IoT market, what factors have contributed to its growth? What is the revenue opportunity? What are the main drivers and developing markets? A summary of where the market has come from, growth statistics and what the future holds based on various industry analyst forecasts.

What are the different connectivity options available to developers of IoT applications? What types of applications are these different protocols best suited to? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these different technologies? Much of the hype around the IoT has been focused on consumer applications in smart homes for example, but the main revenue opportunity is in remote, roaming and mission critical applications e.g. industrial, transportation, healthcare.

What is the best connectivity option for remote, roaming and mission critical applications right now? What are the limitations? How will the growth in IoT traffic affect connectivity of these types of devices? An example based on one of the fastest growing IoT sectors: connected cars.

Why does the growth of the IoT require a fresh approach to connectivity? Many of the connectivity options available have evolved from supporting consumer applications (on smartphones and tablets for example) to supporting M2M and IoT devices. Explanation of the key differences between these types of applications and how these affect their connectivity.

Given the future growth of IoT apps and the current connectivity options available, how do I design IoT devices now that can be deployed in the field long term? Explanation of technologies available that allow connectivity of devices to be “future-proofed”. Advice on design features that should be incorporated into devices to allow future-proofing of connectivity.

Which connectivity partners can provide the right solutions to future-proof my IoT applications? An overview of the key features to look for in solutions provided by a potential connectivity partner.

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