PodsystemM2M and Ingenu Partner upWhy has Podsystem become the first distributor of RPMA technology?

Podsystem’s recent strategic partnership with Ingenu offers customers a way to future-proof their devices with a network that has been built from the ground up for M2M communications and guarantees 20+ years of network longevity.

Download our factsheet (pdf) to discover how adding RPMA technology to our M2M solutions will benefit you!


Podsystem and Ingenu will be organizing a series of IoT Connectivity events in San Francisco throughout 2017 during which you will have the opportunity to talk to experts in this field, find out more about the different options available and try out dev kits from Ingenu to get your devices connected. Places at these events will be on a first come, first served basis, so if you are interested in attending please fill in the form below and we will keep you updated.



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