Gardner Denver Remote Diagnostics and Transaction Data

gartnerdenverNew case study in which we talk to Podsystem customer, Gardner Denver UK Ltd, about monitoring the loading or unloading of liquids or dry bulk using connectivity from PodsystemM2M‘s Best Signal multi-network M2M SIMs.

M2M Data Transfers in Remote Areas with Comprehensive & Reliable Multi Network Coverage

Gardner Denver is a market leader in the design and manufacture of compressors, blowers, cargo pumps and other equipment. Application, installation and maintenance are all crucially important to produce the very best results in performance and economy, whilst also providing a long, reliable life.

The products developed by Gardner Denver UK Ltd need to transmit a variety of different data types via mobile network connectivity:

  • Configuration updates and databases from the office to the trucks every couple of months, for example to ensure devices are operating according to the latest protocols.
  • Remote diagnostics on the vehicle or device to record condition, detect faults and improve maintenance and service regimes, as well as produce periodic engineering reports.
  • Important and urgent data involving customer transactions from devices mounted on vehicles back to the customer’s office. This might include measurements of volume, start and stop time, location and GPS code as well as any error data or notes.

Strong reliable connections are essential for successful deployment and the requirement for a Multi Network SIM that automatically swaps between networks to prevent it losing signal is especially important.

Read more about how PodsystemM2M’s Best Signal Multi Network data SIMs ensure that data connectivity uptime is maximized in the Gardner Denver Transport Solutions Case Study.