Choosing an M2M Service Provider - Podsystem White Paper

whitepaper-m2m_1Not all M2M Service Providers are created equal. Which Machine to Machine data SIM Service Providers give the best all-round value when it comes to reliable connectivity, service and pricing?

Our comprehensive new White Paper, Choosing an M2M Service Provider: One Size Does Not Fit All, discusses what prospective M2M businesses should look for when selecting an M2M Service Provider for M2M SIM card and M2M connectivity needs.

The M2M Service Provider market is highly competitive. With prices for M2M SIM cards broadly similar everywhere, it can often be difficult to differentiate the qualities of one service provider from another. But there are a handful of key areas where some service providers have the edge over their competition when it comes to machine to machine connectivity:

  • M2M experts and in-depth knowledge of the complex and varied world of M2M connectivity is surprisingly hard to find but adds real value to technical support services.
  • Resilience and reliability add-ons used by service providers. Some now utilize multi network SIMs and multi IMSIsolutions with back-up networks to eliminate risks of data loss from dependence on a single core network that can be vulnerable to failure.
  • Flexibility to build a tailored SIM and M2M data plan package that meets M2M business needs, not just service provider needs.

Podsystem Inc. CEO Sam Colley said, “The world of M2M business is diverse and every M2M device is different. An M2M device may send small amounts of data very often, or large amounts of data more infrequently. They may need to operate across international borders, or send valuable or mission critical information. For trouble free operation of M2M devices it’s really important to ensure that M2M data needs and connectivity requirements are considered at the point of device manufacture. This means choosing an M2M expert Service Provider that is responsive to the needs of M2M businesses, flexible in their approach, and alert to the technical issues that are crucial to the smooth operation of your M2M business.”

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