Flex-GPS Worldwide Tracking, Monitoring and Fleet Management

Reduced Fuel Consumption with Real-Time Tracking and Alerts

Remote, on the move, online control

Flex-GPS is a technology company that specialises in developing business solutions and products using satellite tracking technology based on Gurtam’s robust platform. Nowadays, many people are familiar with the concept of using traditional GPS systems to track ships or vehicles but Flex-GPS are taking this technology to the next level, integrating with emerging technologies to create a new generation of devices and applications designed to increase productivity, minimise the risk of accidents, improve safety and provide its customers with the necessary tools to increase the efficiency of their processes.

Flex-GPS provides services to customers in several countries across North and South America and provides international support to other companies from its offices in the USA, Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Please visit the website for more information: www.flexgps.net

Reduced Fuel Consumption, Increased Efficiency and Safety

The Flex-GPS platform allows real time fuel consumption monitoring via:

  • Detailed fuel consumption reports
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Comparative statistics on daily fuel consumption
  • Speed and excessive acceleration alerts
  • Alerts for stationary vehicles if the engine is running for a long period of time
  • Alerts if there is a danger of fuel being stolen

Flex-GPS uses devices certified by its engineers following a very exhaustive quality and response testing process, these devices allow higher security and improved efficiency of the fleet and the possibility to monitor the behaviour of the drivers to reduce accidents to the absolute minimum. The Flex-GPS platform is not only robust and stable, it also enables the creation any type of customised report required by the customer as well as the traditional reports such as:

  • Unauthorised use – out of hours/ out of the programmed route
  • Journey distance
  • Route optimisation to reduce fuel use and avoid traffic hazards
  • Panic button option to summon emergency services immediately in case of accident or danger

The Flex-GPS platform is made up of a series of technologies integrated in one system thanks to the professional capabilities of the company’s engineers and suppliers. The result of this integration enables Flex-GPS to offer:

  • A multi network service, which delivers better coverage
  • Analysis and monitoring of CAN BUS parameters
  • Trucks / Trailers / Thermo King
  • Fuel sensor
  • Log Book
  • IFTA
  • Driver identifier system
  • Auxiliary connections for door sensors magnetic or other systems
  • Journey “Play Back” by unit, date and time

Multi Network Connectivity Provides Base for Expansion

At the beginning of 2014 Flex-GPS decided to change its business model and expand its operations into several South American countries. For this reason the company was looking for:

  • One or several data connectivity suppliers for each country the plan would cover
  • Suppliers that could offer technical support 24/7
  • Suppliers that had a broad knowledge of connectivity
  • Suppliers that were knowledgeable about the different devices managed by the platform
  • Suppliers that could offer competitive pricing

This was a difficult task due to the problems of negotiating with several suppliers at the same time, the lack of knowledge of most of the suppliers regarding connectivity, the problems related to coverage and the high price of the service.

The connectivity problem became an “Achilles Heel” for the project, since it limited development to the coverage available which was only in some of the cities in the countries where Flex-GPS began to provide the service.

It was not until PodsystemM2M was considered as a potential supplier that Flex-GPS’ expansion plans began to take a new direction. PodsystemM2M not only offered Flex-GPS a data SIM that was a perfect fit for their plans, they also offered the value add of a multi-network service. The reaction of Flex-GPS’ customers was extremely positive when they discovered that they now had better and wider coverage, Flex-GPS immediately put in place a plan to swap out its customers’ existing SIMs for the new multi-network SIMs.

With PodsystemM2M on board adding an increasing number of operators to its network and multi-lingual technical support available 24/7, Flex-GPS had all the tools available and the support it needed to focus solely on its plans for expansion.

Diomedes E Quezada, CEO of Flex-GPS, said, “Having experimented with various data providers, Flex-GPS shortlisted 3 providers according to coverage and price. When we started to test the PodsystemM2M service we begin to realise the fundamental role that it would play in our plans both in the short and long term. The dedication, effort and commitment of Podsystem Inc. CEO Sam Colley was an important factor in our decision to select PodsystemM2M as our main service provider. Over time this has become more than a simple customer-supplier relationship, it has developed into a strategic partnership.”

PodsystemM2M focuses on providing a customised service to each client, with an emphasis on listening to their specific needs, understanding how this relates to the growth of the business and providing the best possible solution along with ongoing advice and support. The relationship with each customer is a long term undertaking, where the needs and aspirations of the client can be brought to fruition through a close working partnership.  The team of M2M experts can advise the client on every aspect of their M2M solution, helping them expand their business and evolve to keep pace in an ever advancing commercial arena.

This flexible, innovative approach helped build a service which met and exceeded the criteria Flex-GPS had established.  As Flex-GPS expands and embraces further applications, PodsystemM2M will be able to support them through their growth.

Diomedes Quezada added “The PodsystemM2M solution has not only contributed to and improved our expansion plans, it has also allowed us to aggressively enter the market with unbeatable pricing. The multi-network SIMs have caused demand for our service to skyrocket, PodsystemM2M has placed us in a privileged position compared to our competitors who don’t offer this type of service to their customers, these new SIMs have contributed in closing some very significant contracts for our company in recent months.”

Dependable Support Enables Flex-GPS to Grow

The meticulous support provided by the PodsystemM2M team means that the customer is confident when testing new areas and moving forward in the marketplace. The personalised attention they received meant Flex-GPS knew that they could rely on assistance from PodsystemM2M as their company grew and will still be confident of support as the business sustains its expansion.

Diomedes Quezada commented, “We hope to continue to grow at the same rate with the support we receive from PodsystemM2M and we hope that this support will continue to strengthen our business relationship and position Flex-GPS as one of the best known brands in the GPS service market.”