High Quality Industrial Equipment from Gardner Denver Transport Solutions

Gardner Denver provides reliable and safe solutions for monitoring the loading or unloading of liquids or dry bulk with Podsystem Best Signal Multi Network SIMs

Gardner Denver UK Ltd Providing Safer, More Efficient Bulk Material Loading and Unloading Solutions

Since its establishment in 1892, the award-winning Drum brand, now part of the Gardner Denver group, has enjoyed a successful history of providing turnkey systems for commercial road vehicles for loading or unloading liquids and dry bulk materials from road tankers.

Gardner Denver is a market leader in the design and manufacture of compressors, blowers, cargo pumps and other equipment. Application, installation and maintenance are all crucially important to produce the very best results in performance and economy, whilst also providing a long, reliable life. www.gd-transport.com

Remote Diagnostics and Transaction Data with Field and Service Support

Gardner Denver UK Ltd’s primary market is within the UK and neighbouring European countries, across a range of product areas. The company produces high quality, reliable, technically superior products such as compressors, blowers and cargo pumps with field and service support.

The majority of customers are commercial road vehicle operators who need reliable and safe solutions for monitoring the loading or unloading of liquids or dry bulk.

The products developed by Gardner Denver UK Ltd need to transmit a variety of different data types via mobile network connectivity:

  • Configuration updates and databases from the office to the trucks every couple of months, for example to ensure devices are operating according to the latest protocols.
  • Remote diagnostics on the vehicle or device to record condition, detect faults and improve maintenance and service regimes, as well as produce periodic engineering reports.
  • Important and urgent data involving customer transactions from devices mounted on vehicles back to the customer’s office. This might include measurements of volume, start and stop time, location and GPS code as well as any error data or notes.

Traditionally, tanker operators have used manual methods for measurement and control during loading and unloading. In many cases the driver will be a highly skilled individual and, depending on the substance being transported, can be trained to the level of a chemicals plant operative. With the ability to include in-vehicle M2M communications, operations involving the transfer of liquids or dry bulk can become safer and more efficient.

For example, with modern sensors and monitoring equipment it is possible to have data transmission from the tanker vehicle (or compressor/ blower/ pump) to the storage tank and/ or customer control room to check filling or discharge is to the correct tank, to ensure there is room in the tanker and prevent overfill, or to switch the compressor on and off.

M2M Data Transfers in Remote Areas with Comprehensive & Reliable Multi Network Coverage

Gardner Denver UK Ltd’s M2M requirements are for small data transfers from commercial vehicles, usually in remote areas such as tank farms, or agricultural sites where safety, environmental and efficiency considerations may be paramount. They need SIMs which enable the best possible coverage across all networks in the UK and local European countries at a reasonable price and minimal effort.

Gardner Denver UK Ltd’s devices operate on 2G networks as the best option both in terms of signal coverage and minimising electrical power consumption – important considerations when operating in remote areas. All customer data transmissions are made in rural locations, where signals are inevitably poorer and fewer networks may be available. The small data transfers need to be transmitted in real time and are much less valuable if they are delayed until the vehicle drives into better signal areas.

Strong reliable connections are essential for successful deployment. Before deciding to work with PodsystemM2M, Gardner Denver UK Ltd used different individual SIMs, trying to optimise the network provider against the customer operating area. This was an unnecessary complication, slowing down the company’s progress. PodsystemM2M was able to provide the solution to Gardner Denver’s search for a Multi-Network SIM.

As devices are not easily accessible and are in constant motion, often in remote areas, the requirement for a Multi Network SIM that automatically swaps between networks to prevent it losing signal is especially important. In terms of being able to provide a reliable service to their customers, Gardner Denver UK Ltd needs to know that their devices will be able to transmit data, wherever their customers’ vehicles or devices may be located. PodsystemM2M’s Best Signal Multi Network data SIMs ensure that data connectivity uptime is maximised. Gardner Denver Electronics Manager, Mike Bray said, “I have been especially impressed with the performance of the best signal, multi-network SIMs which have given us the best results of any SIM we have tried with our application.”

Best Signal Multi Network Coverage with Flat Rate Data

Gardner Denver receives a competitive and cost-effective multi-network solution with a flat data rate across countries. This means uncomplicated billing and more straightforward customer relationship management.

The extensive coverage paired with maximum resilience and built in redundancy from Best Signal Multi-Network SIMs are crucial for Gardner Denver and the type of data their customers typically transmit. Automatic switching between networks to maintain data connectivity ensures that customers receive best possible coverage for their remote location data transmission needs. This type of M2M application helps to ensure that the loading and unloading of dry-bulk and liquid materials is carried out in a modern, safe and efficient way.

Gardner Denver has been impressed with PodsystemM2M’s no nonsense approach. Mike Bray said, “We chose Podsystem because, from the outset, they listened to our needs and have been exceptionally straightforward in their dealings with us and there was no complicated sales pitch to fight through before we were given the proper technical details. Other companies we looked at were absorbing hours of our time, and still not telling us the facts we needed to make a decision. With Podsytem we get fast and honest service – we could not ask for better.”