Local Motion Keyless Motor Pooling and Vehicle Sharing

Keyless Fleet Management with Multi Network Connectivity

Local Motion enables effortless vehicle sharing with keyless access for drivers with just one tap and streamlined, real-time fleet control with web-based motor pool management technology.

From utility trucks and golf carts to electric vehicles and luxury sedans, Local Motion’s keyless technology gives organizations easier access to vehicles, empowering them to do greater things with their existing fleet. www.getlocalmotion.com


Keyless Motor Pooling and Fleet Management

Local Motion’s keyless vehicle sharing and fleet management technologies enable drivers and fleet managers to get more out of their fleets, with customers including Google, iCracked, EDF and 1-800Courier. With a 100-vehicle fleet, Local Motion estimates annual efficiencies can be achieved of up to $300k with 30% more fleet mobility, 3000 hours of employee time saved and a reduction of 130 tons of CO2.

Local Motion makes motor pooling easier for drivers with:

  • Keyless access using RFID badges or mobile devices
  • Mobility and flexibility via online or mobile reservation platforms
  • On-demand access to vehicles even without reservations

Local Motion’s cloud-based platform is also more efficient for fleet managers, with the ability to:

  • Monitor and improve vehicle utilization and driver activity in real-time
  • Control access on-the-fly with remote lock/unlock of vehicles
  • Get alerts for speeding, late returns and battery levels

Reliable Connectivity and Flat Rate Multi Network Data Across the US and Europe

One of the most important features of a keyless fleet is the ability of the enabling IoT technology to unlock the vehicle by the driver using their badge or mobile device. This requires a robust mobile network signal. Local Motion found that single network coverage could often be patchy in customers’ parking lots. To resolve this issue, PodsystemM2M provided their Best Signal Multi Network SIMs, which automatically connect to the strongest mobile signal available, wherever the device is located.

These multi network SIMs provide reliable data connectivity for devices that are on the move, or in remote locations. With comprehensive coverage in the USA on both AT&T and T-Mobile and the additional advantage of competitive flat rate data across the USA and Europe, Podsystem’s multi network SIM is a great option for both the mission critical stage (unlocking the vehicle) and the tracking stage (monitoring the vehicle location, status and driver behavior).

Michaël Javault, Head of Hardware, Local Motion said, “We found that network signals could often be weak in our customers’ parking lots. Without being able to find a signal for unlocking the vehicles, this potentially meant our keyless entry system wouldn’t always work. This is mission critical for us. Podsystem’s Multi Network SIMs solve our parking lot signal headache. The flat rate data across the US and Europe is a bonus that helps us to closely control our data costs whilst we focus on growing our business on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Intuitive SIM Management Platform with Outstanding Customer Service

Access to PodsystemM2M’s intuitive online FreedoM-2-Manage (F2M) SIM management platform is included with the multi network SIMs. Local Motion find this platform makes it really easy to manage their SIM base with SIM activations, alerts, data use information and more, all in one place.

Michaël Javault, Head of Hardware, Local Motion said, “We have been really impressed with the functionality provided via the Podsystem F2M platform – it’s really easy to use and makes it so simple to manage our SIMs.”

Outstanding customer service is another important reason why Local Motion chose to work with PodsystemM2M. Michael continued, “the Podsystem support team responds to any queries quickly and they really seem to go the extra mile to listen and respond to our technical queries. They even implemented some new features on the F2M SIM management platform following my discussions with the technical team about what we found would be most useful for us.”