Traffilog Fleet Management Case Study

Flexible SIMs from Podsystem Allow Traffilog’s Customers to Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption and Improve Efficiency


With fuel prices on the rise and increasingly complex legislation being introduced regarding safety for fleet management and logistics companies, finding a way to efficiently manage a fleet while maintaining profitability is becoming a difficult task. Traffilog, a leading global provider of web-based MRM (Mobile Resources Management) fleet-management and mobile assets solutions, enables its customers to save up to 16% on fuel costs, as well as improving Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) by up to 70% and decreasing aggressive driver behaviour by up to 75%.

The solutions behind these statistics include devices that combine vehicle and driver diagnostics, reporting back to fleet managers on driver and mechanical behaviour and sending real-time alerts regarding the performance of vehicles and fuel utilization. The company’s mission is to provide solutions that dramatically improve fleet management operation and administration, with a focus on assisting organizations to reduce fleet running costs and increase overall fleet efficiency. The aim is to make these devices the standard for the industry and Traffilog is well on its way to becoming a standard safety feature, installed by the manufacturer in all vehicles.

The real-time monitoring and continuous flow of information between the driver and the back office is made possible by the inclusion of a SIM card incorporated into all of the devices. Earlier this year, Yon Copitch, Managing Director, UK for Traffilog, began investigating new suppliers for the company’s SIM cards, with the aim of improving the level of service Traffilog was receiving from its existing supplier. Traffilog´s devices require higher levels of data than normal M2M applications, with bundles of 25 and 50 megabytes being necessary for most of the devices. Since this is not a standard M2M bundle, Traffilog was finding it difficult to source the right data packages from its existing supplier.

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us more flexibility in terms of the bundles of data we were using and that would be easy and quick to manage,” he commented. “Obviously competitive pricing was also a key factor, as well as the ability to monitor the data usage of the SIMs.”

After a detailed investigation into the solutions available on the market, Traffilog selected Podsystem as its preferred supplier. Podsystem Ltd. is a leading provider of data SIMs to the telemetry industry and an expert in European multi-network SIMs, which roam on all networks in Europe.

As Traffilog is currently expanding across Europe, this was an important factor which would allow the company to plan for the future. “Traffilog´s devices are currently available in a number of European countries but European expansion is something we will definitely be focused on over the next few years,” continued Yon Copitch.

Podsystem’s MultiNet Europe SIMs roam on any network across 36 European countries for a low fixed monthly cost, so they are ideal for M2M devices that roam across Europe or for companies looking to expand their offering into additional European countries. The advantage of a multi-network SIM is that if one network goes down or there is limited coverage in an area, the SIM will automatically connect to the next available network, so coverage is rarely lost. For Traffilog, whose devices depend on a constant real-time connection with the fleet manager, this was a key requirement.

In addition to the European multi-network SIMs, Traffilog required single network SIMs for the UK. Flexible data bundles and tariffs were an important factor in the decision to work with Podsystem. “The main reasons for choosing Podsystem over other suppliers were their competitive pricing and the high degree of flexibility they can offer us in terms of the tariffs and data bundles we need,” explained Yon Copitch. “Podsystem is always prepared to adapt bundles to our requirements which makes it easy for us to manage our SIMs and keep costs down. In addition, the levels of service were much better than other companies we looked at and the entire process, from ordering to activation and support is handled quickly and efficiently. The online billing and administration platform offered by Podsystem allows us to manage the SIMs easily from a central platform and closely monitor data usage which is key to our business.”

The first stage in the implementation process was to run a trial with the SIMs in the different countries in which Traffilog operates. Fifty of the SIMs were trialed first in the UK, France and Ireland. After a successful trial period, Traffilog deployed a further 100 SIMs in devices throughout the UK. They now have over 800 SIMs deployed across the countries they are working in and are looking to expand further into Europe.

Customers such as Arriva and National Express are among those who benefit from the unique features offered by the combination of Podsystem’s SIMs and Traffilog’s innovative solutions.

Arriva, one of the largest transport organizations in Europe with more than one billion passenger journeys across 12 European countries every year has reduced fuel consumption by 11% and idle time by 75%, increasing efficiency and enabling the company to position itself as a “Green Fleet” by reducing Co2 emissions.

During an initial pilot, National Express West Midlands, which operates around 1,750 buses in England and Scotland, reduced the number of safety events by more than 21% and improved fuel consumption by an average of 11%. This initial pilot let to the deployment of the device in more than 1600 vehicles.

“For us one of the most important aspects of working with Podsystem is that they understand our business,” explained Yon Copitch. “With M2M applications it is important that the support team have experience and background in the sector to offer quality advice. I rate the support offered by Podsystem’s team very highly, there is always a qualified professional available to respond to our requests and support is offered in a very personal manner. We see this as an integral part of our relationship as we continue to expand throughout Europe.”

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