Podsystem Differentiators

What differentiates PodsystemM2M?

With vast experience in helping companies develop resilient, future-proof M2M/IoT solutions, PodsystemM2M is the expert in IoT connectivity and innovation, offering a full range of services via a centralized platform to get companies quickly to market.

Experience & Expertise

• One of the longest running M2M MVNOs, we have been dedicated to M2M since 1999.
• As a connectivity expert, we are an IoT enabler, we don’t sell end-to-end solutions that would compete with our customers.
• Our Podsystem Solutions division researches and develops customized solutions to resolve complex connectivity issues.


• Global offices in the UK, Spain and the USA; 8 languages spoken across the company.
• Our solutions are available worldwide with coverage in 176 countries.
• One global multi-network SIM, manufactured by us and owned by our customers.


• Cellular and LPWAN connectivity options available via a centralized platform.
• Native single network solutions in select countries, including CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE and RPMA.
• Multiple countries and networks available on one SIM, with one APN, controlled by one platform.


• Development of customized platforms and software giving users complete control over their connectivity.
• 50% of staff are software developers and network engineers working full time on R&D.
• Multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) solution, FreeWay, awarded EU innovation grant for development.


• Multi-IMSI option allows customized SIM profiles to be created and controlled centrally.
• Platform controls every aspect of the SIM: network, real time usage, limits, alerts.
• Mobile app allows management of SIMs on the move.


• Flexible data packages to meet your exact requirements with no hidden costs.
• No terms and contracts on most connectivity options. No big commitments or upfront investments.
• Quick and simple onboarding process; only one click required to accept our online Terms and Conditions.


• Best signal, multi-network SIMs with no steering that automatically switch network if signal is lost while roaming.
• Fully georedundant network with diameter control and the option of Fixed IPSec VPN for added security.
• Our multi-IMSI solution provides a back-up IMSI on a separate network infrastructure with No Single Point of Failure for mission critical applications.

Customer service and support

• 18 hours of continuous account management daily and free 24/7 emergency support.
• Advice from IoT experts on all aspects of your solution, hardware, firmware, software and connectivity.
• We happily work with companies of all sizes; We grow with companies as they evolve.