Best Signal Multi-Network data SIM cards

Complete range of Best Signal, Multi-Network data solutions specifically developed for IoT applications

Multi-Network SIM Cards

Our best signal, multi-network SIM connects to multiple networks in each country covered, while also avoiding being steered on the HLR to any particular network that might have a weaker signal.

When it loses signal on one network, our SIM automatically connects to the next available network to help eliminate coverage issues whilst roaming or in weak coverage areas.

On top of this, your device will find the strongest signal as soon as it is switched on, so you can be sure your data is in the safest hands possible.


Podsystem’s IoT data SIM card solution includes:

  • Data SIM cards for system integrators and app developers. For resellers, volume sales and wholesale please visit our wholesale data SIM cards page.
  • A proprietary data SIM card with global coverage on one SIM. “Best signal”, multi-network connectivity globally. You can check full coverage details here.
  • An option to include an additional back-up IMSI on the SIM on a separate infrastructure for added resilience.
  • A complete monitoring and billing platform for full control over the SIM base, including location and networks, real time data usage and the ability to set limits and alerts
  • 24/7/365 access to our emergency support team, formed of IoT / M2M experts.


Smart SIM

SMART SIM. Multi-IMSI for extra resilience and SIM backup.


Connectivity options

GPRS, 2G and 3G connections available.


Best Signal, Multi-Network

Non Steered. Multiple networks available in each country to maximize coverage.


One Global SIM card

One SIM, one APN globally. All SIM sizes available.


F2M Management Platform

F2M SIM Management Platform to control your SIMs anywhere.


Support & Expertise

Top Account Management and Support from our expert team.

Get your Internet of Things (IoT) data SIM cards in less than 48h

Our team of M2M / IoT experts are ready to help you:
  • SIM cards, data plans and SIM management platform, all you need to control your SIM base.
  • All our data plans can be configured to use per MB, data pooling and bundles. You can set it up easily using our F2M SIM management platform.
  • Great coverage. See full coverage list here
  • Easy onboarding. No hassle, no stress, in less than 48 hours.

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