Specialist SIM cards for secure BlackBerry and Android encrypted devices

Need a data SIM solution to match your secure and encrypted device?

Secure Data and Device

Data SIM for secured BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices.

Free your devices from reliance on single operators, you no longer need to entrust your connectivity to one provider. With our secure, global multi-IMSI solution you are covered wherever you may be. We have roaming agreements with 500+ networks.

Podsystem has been a supplier of secure data SIM cards since 1999 to some of the largest, international secure device and handset providers. With our expert support and extensive experience, you can rest assured that choosing Podsystem is a sound strategic decision for your connectivity needs.

Our global data SIM card solutions for secured (PGP and Encrypted devices) offer the following advantages:

  • SIM specifically designed for secure communication
  • BlackBerry, Android and iOS
  • Secure VPN
  • Geo-redundant infrastructure
  • Seamless, resilient roaming
  • Network agnostic (freedom to roam across networks and not be tied to one provider or risk being cut-off!)
  • Quick on-boarding with no difficult contracts or complex configurations

With our strong Research and Development division and commitment to innovation (more than half our personnel are technicians and engineers) and our expertise in emerging IoT technologies, we are a company that not only meets the demands of secure communication and devices now, but are in an excellent strategic position to serve the needs of this market into the future.

Our secure data solutions include:

Secure SIMs

Smart SIM

SIMs for secure devices. Multi-IMSI for extra resilience and SIM backup.

Secure networks

Best Signal, Multi-Network

Non Steered. Multiple networks available in each country to maximize coverage

Secure platform

F2M Management Platform

F2M SIM Management Platform to control your SIMs anywhere.

Secure SIM

Connectivity options

2G, 3G and 4G connections available.

Secure SIM

One Global SIM card

One SIM, one APN globally. All SIM sizes available.


Support & Expertise

Top Account Management and Support from our expert team

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