White Label Platform

Podsystem’s customisable full service, white label platform provides companies with the means to manage their IoT connectivity, shorten time to market and increase profitability.


Device connectivity can be remotely managed via an intuitive platform which is fully customisable to suit any business. The dashboard can be branded with the company logo, URL,  and corporate identity; a complete billing and reporting module is available, and a 24-hour first-line support service is included.

A single login gives access to the entire SIM base, round the clock, 7 days a week. As well as the SIM management tools available, the platform offers the possibility to order new SIMs and raise support, sales or billing queries.
The smart dashboard provides a general overview of your account and specific data metrics to view the activity of your units. While a smart-alert engine keeps you informed of any issues as soon as they occur, allowing you to take action as needed.

When amalgamated with Podsystem’s white label SIM cards and resilient M2M connectivity options, the white platform provides an all-encompassing, ready to go solution. This combination enables you to build long-term customer relationships, and generate ongoing revenue by including connectivity as part of your business product. Choosing the Podsystem White Label Solution allows companies to do this quickly and effectively, without having to dedicate time and resources to developing a proprietary solution.

Our solution includes:



Smart SIM

SMART SIM. Multi-IMSI for extra resilience and SIM backup.


Best Signal, Multi-Network

Non Steered. Multiple networks available in each country to maximize coverage


F2M Management Platform

F2M SIM Management Platform to control your SIMs anywhere.


Connectivity options

2G, 3G and 4G connections available.


One Global SIM card

One SIM, one APN globally. All SIM sizes available.


Support & Expertise

Top Account Management and Support from our expert team

Get up and running with our connectivity solutions in less than 48h!

Our team of M2M / IoT experts are ready to help you:
  • SIM cards, data plans and SIM management platform, all you need to control your SIM base.
  • All our data plans can be configured to use per MB, data pooling and bundles. You can set it up easily using our F2M SIM management platform.
  • Great coverage. See full coverage list here
  • Easy onboarding. No hassle, no stress, in less than 48 hours.

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