Startup Support Packs


M2M Connectivity for Hardware Startups and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications Developers

Podsystem Startup Support Packs for M2M Connectivity

At Podsystem we understand the challenges faced by new businesses that are just getting started. In the M2M technology sector it is crucial to move quickly to test products and applications and get them to market before the competition. But how can M2M hardware and IoT applications developer startups do this without the risk of signing a 12 or 24 month contract before knowing if the product will work? Podsystem’s M2M Startup Support Package is here to help.

Data and M2M Connectivity

Try before you buy with our Podsystem M2M Trial Packs. Perfect for hardware startups breaking into the Internet of Things (IoT) market, our M2M trial packs are:

  • Prepaid. Test our prepaid M2M SIMs with your hardware and firmware before entering into a contract
  • Flexible. Trial SIMs for the time period that suits you. From 1 to 3 months.
  • No obligation. If you decide not to continue using Podsystem SIMs, we will deactivate them after the trial.
  • No risk. With our prepaid trial data SIMs there are no bill shocks and no long term contracts to worry about. If you decide to enter a contract with us, we will roll-over the value of any unused trial SIM data as credit on your account.

Apply to test our M2M Trial SIMs and our Startup Support Team will be in touch to discuss your hardware or application, your connectivity requirements and M2M SIM card needs.

Expert Advice on Firmware, Programming and Compatibility

As an experienced M2M Service Provider dedicated to supporting new startups in the M2M industry and IoT sphere, Podsystem can provide expert advice on firmware and programming for mobile network / GSM connectivity before the hardware device is manufactured and throughout the development process, helping to ensure compatibility with GSM network SIM cards, avoid costly re-builds, improve the reliability of the device and ensure seamless connectivity.

We have specialist knowledge across M2M/ IoT industry sectors and M2M applications and can provide invaluable support to M2M hardware startups and IoT application developers throughout the development process to help ensure devices connect and transmit data effectively.

We provide a personal service from our office in Europe. Contact our specialist Startup Support Team by calling now UK +44 (0) 1280 878 494, emailing or via our contact form.

We also have a US team in San Francisco, California, extending our service hours and providing support for your connectivity needs in the USA and Worldwide. Call US +1 415 707 0500 from within the US.

Full Product Lifecycle Support Through our M2M and IoT Partnership Programme

As an MVNO, Podsystem M2M are specialists in M2M connectivity via mobile networks. We recognise and understand that there is a lot more to getting a new product to market than securing a data connectivity contract. You need web interfaces, applications and support with hardware design to bring it to market as a complete product. We can help with that too! We work with a range of partners via our worldwide M2M and IoT Partnership Programme and together we can provide an end-to-end support service to help get your product to market.

Contact our Startup Support Team to discuss your mobile network / GSM connectivity requirements and access support from our M2M and IoT Partnership Programme.

Your Long Term M2M Connectivity Partner

If you like our Podsystem M2M Trial Packs, or benefit from our Startup Support Team’s advice, and decide to enter a contract for M2M data connectivity services via mobile networks, Podsystem M2M offers:

  • Great rates and flexible bundles. Visit our Free Quote page for a free, no obligation quote at our competitive prices. Flat rate Europe and USA data is available for businesses looking to expand into new markets across the Atlantic.
  • Reliability. Our M2M data connectivity services use multi-network SIM cards as standard. More reliable than single network SIM cards, our multi-network SIMs automatically connect to the next available network for best signal and coverage, reducing the likelihood of failed data transmission.
  • Resilience. Our M2M SIM cards have built in redundancy and are true multi-IMSI SIMs. Using our patent pending application, our multi-IMSI SIMS have the capability to automatically swap between IMSIs (networks) on completely separate infrastructures, creating a “No Single Point of Failure” network topology
  • 24/7 technical support. We have an experienced support team that understands M2M applications and how M2M devices behave. With support teams in both Europe (United Kingdom and Seville, Spain) and the US (San Francisco, California) and we offer personal services, extended operating hours, and 24 hour emergency support for data connectivity emergencies.