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Arnia Remote Hive Monitoring – Listening to Bees with Podsystem “Best Signal” M2M SIMs

Nov 24, 2014

Listening to Bees – new case study in which we talk to Podsystem customer, Arnia, about using Podsystem M2M‘s Best Signal multi-network M2M SIMs in the USA and Europe for their unique Remote Bee Hive Monitoring Application.

Arnia Remote Hive Monitoring System

Arnia provides state-of-the-art remote bee hive monitoring for beekeepers, bee farmers and bee researchers. Currently installed in hundreds of hives in 14 different countries, Arnia hive monitors enable beekeepers to receive vital information about honey bee colonies to track and assess bee health and behaviour and provide a unique insight into hive conditions to help maintain strong, healthy and productive bee colonies.

The success of Arnia’s remote monitoring system is largely down to the reliability with which the monitoring devices maintain network connectivity in order to transmit their data. Podsystem M2M provides reliable connectivity with the Best Signal Multi Network SIM, which automatically detects the best signal in an area when a device is switched on and switches to an alternate network if the signal is lost.

With comprehensive coverage in the USA on both AT&T and T-Mobile this represents a good option for any remote monitoring application. Arnia Operations Manager, Peter Sogorski says, “We have been using PodsystemM2M SIMs since 2011. When they introduced their Best Signal Multi Network SIM we took a couple to try and were very pleased with the performance. Having the multi network SIMs means the connection will automatically switch to another network, should it be required. We have also started using the Best Signal SIMs in the USA and had no issues. They give the same reliability and continuity in their data transfer at our US sites as we get from them in the UK and EU.”

Read the full Arnia Remote Bee Hive Monitoring case study to find out more about Arnia’s state of the art hive monitoring system.