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Best Signal M2M SIMs for Cargo Security & Tracking – Podsystem Case Study with TrakLok International

Nov 17, 2014

New case study in which we talk to Podsystem customer, TrakLok International, about using Podsystem M2M‘s Best Signal multi-network M2M SIMs in the international cargo tracking and security industry.

Advanced Cargo Security & Tracking with Best Signal Multi Network SIMs

TrakLok International LLC is a cargo security firm specializing in trailer and container security for the global freight and cargo industry. Utilized in countries throughout the Americas, Africa and Asia, TrakLok’s integrated security tracking device combines a rugged, hardened locking solution with an alert and tracking system to deter theft and unauthorized access to remote and in-transit loads.

For a global tracking and cargo security solution, reliable M2M connectivity is a key factor in ensuring TrakLok devices will connect and transmit data continuously, even across international borders and in remote areas where cellular network signals may be weak. TrakLok International VP Engineering Dan Blankenship says, “We chose PodsystemM2M SIMs because they provide excellent global coverage.”

Read the full TrakLok case study to find out more about tracking and monitoring high risk cargo.