Photo of Charles Towers-Clark

Podsystem CEO talks M2M at the Farm Business Innovation Show

Nov 25, 2014

Podsystem CEO, Charles Towers-Clark has been at the Olympia in London to talk about M2M applications in agriculture at the 2014 Farm Business Innovation Show.

Speaking alongside Jed Ward of Impact IT Solutions, Charles has been highlighting some of the different ways that M2M applications and devices can be deployed in agriculture to enhance the industry in the areas of security, remote monitoring and tracking:

  • Security – to safeguard valuable assets and guard against intruder via cameras and alarms
  • Monitoring – to improve efficiency and check on the conditions for livestock, crops, soil and water levels
  • Tracking – to check on the location of valuable assets such as livestock and machinery and optimise the management of agricultural vehicle fleets.

These types of M2M applications have many features in common:

  • Remote. Applications and devices may be in remote or inaccessible locations – you need to be able to control them, wherever you are
  • On the move. Machinery, vehicles and livestock are itinerant – you need to be able to track them, wherever they are
  • Mission critical. Application data is available in real time – you need to know if there is a security breach, or if livestock is in the wrong place
  • Scalable. Whether monitoring a single beehive, or an entire pig farm, or tracking a single cow, or an entire vehicle fleet, there is an application that can do it

PodsystemM2M has customers across the security, remote monitoring and tracking sectors, including Arnia, who provide remote bee hive monitoring in order to assess bee behaviour, strength and health. Data can be accessed remotely from any internet enabled device. Read the Remote Bee Monitoring case study