Bob Rudd Remote M2M Connectivity for Gaming Machines

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Bob Rudd, one of the UK’s largest independent gaming and amusement machine suppliers, has been servicing the UK pub industry and leisure sector for the past 25 years. During this time, they have seen an increasing shift towards a more digitally innovative gaming experience and have positioned themselves at the forefront of this advancement.

“The industry is fast-moving in the connectivity market, and has accelerated particularly in the last three years” says Kevin Astley, Technical Director of Bob Rudd. “There is a strong demand for equipment to be online to give improved speed of game, updates and data, better content and real-time stats, all of which improve the overall gaming experience. Of course there is also the goal of putting more cash in box over a shorter period of time.”

SIM Cards for M2M Connectivity

In the spring of 2013, Bob Rudd opted for SIM card based M2M connectivity as an alternative to their previous methods of Internet connectivity: hardwiring and WiFi devices. With the changing industry trends, they were looking to offer the best possible experience and unparalleled service to their customers that would be hard to match by any competitor. Inserting data SIMs into the data capture units of their machines would allow them to simplify the connection process to achieve real-time gaming, data retrieval and the ability to monitor the machines and their performance remotely. They would also be able to offer a more secure and flexible solution, diversify their product offerings, boost innovation and optimize costs.

After a thorough investigation of various data SIM providers and a recommendation by a third company, Bob Rudd selected Podsystem M2M as their data connectivity partner. Podsystem M2M is a leading provider of data SIM cards to the telemetry industry and an expert in European multi-network SIM cards and M2M connectivity. “We looked at the overall package,” Astley says. “As a company we don’t always go for the cheapest option, we also look at value for money and after-sales care. Backup and support, robust and reliable service now and for the future, and whether or not the whole product meets our requirements exactly are also very important to us.”

‘Best Signal’ Multi-Network M2M SIM Cards

Podsystem’s M2M ‘best signal’ multi-network SIM cards not only met all of Bob Rudd’s requirements, but was also the most cost-effective solution. Astley says the information available about the SIM cards was “excellent and easy to understand.” The SIM connects to the network with the strongest signal as soon as the device is switched on. When it loses signal on one network, it automatically connects to the next available network to eliminate coverage issues for roaming applications or in areas where coverage can be patchy. Astley says that that the multi-network functionality of the SIM cards was very important to their decision. Their five UK depots service a wide variety of locations and they need to be able to offer the same premium service, regardless of the coverage strength of a site. Because the machines depend on a constant real-time connection all over the UK, the SIM guarantees that the device will remain connected and gaming won’t be interrupted regardless of where the machines are located.

First Class Support from Experts in Multi-Network Data SIMs

Astley says one of the main reasons why Bob Rudd selected Podsystem M2M was the level of backup and support Podsystem M2M provides, which has met all of their expectations. “We get fast replies late at night, early in the morning – it’s absolutely first class,” says Astley of Podsystem M2M’s support and ordering process. “The support service is excellent and the staff are very friendly. We’re only a phone call or email away from support that’s easy to get and always prompt. A lot of suppliers that we deal with are good, but Podystem M2M has excelled in everything we’ve asked,” Astley continues. “After my experience working with Podsystem M2M, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them even if it were for reasons that weren’t business related.”

This level of support provided by Podsystem M2M allows Bob Rudd to continue providing unrivalled customer service. Bob Rudd prides itself on maintenance speed and quality, which the SIM’s features support. By communicating with the machines remotely, Bob Rudd saves time and money by not having to visit the machines onsite in the event of an issue. If necessary, they would also be able to disable and replace the games online without the need for a service visit. Podsystem M2M’s flexible data plans allowed Bob Rudd to select a five megabyte aggregated data plan to ensure the efficient use of data and facilitate the maximisation of profit margins.

The unique private Access Point Name (APN) of the SIM provides maximum data security and also simplifies the device configuration for easy setup and faster rollout. “Setting up the SIM cards is very, very easy and hassle free,” says Astley. Since they first began using the SIMs, Astley says that they have had “no problems at all. We’re always kept in the loop and given options,” he continues. With convenience and efficiency increased and costs reduced, Bob Rudd can focus on providing a premium service to all of its customers and continue to find ways to further enhance the gaming experience.

Best Value Europe and USA Data SIMs

In their efforts to offer the most select and innovative machines, another main requirement for the team at Bob Rudd was to find a solution that was built for both today and for the future. While Bob Rudd currently operates only in the UK, Astley says that they are looking at market demands and expansion is always an option. The ‘best signal’ Europe and USA multi-network SIMs that they are currently using cover fifty countries in Europe and beyond – including the United States – for one flat rate. This solution facilitates expansion without the need to swap SIM cards or increase costs. Furthermore, because Podsystem M2M manufactures its own SIM cards, Bob Rudd – not the network – owns the SIMs, which allows the company to evolve with the changing market and network capabilities to gain a significant advantage.

Bob Rudd was the first member of the Independent Operator’s Association (IOA) Group to contract Podsystem M2M as their data connectivity provider. Soon after, ten other IOA Group members followed their lead and partnered with Podsystem M2M. IOA members currently supply over 28,000 machines to leading regional and nationwide pub retail companies.

Bob Rudd remains at the forefront of digital innovation in the gaming industry. As digital and online expansion continues, a dependable data connectivity solution with a lifespan that matches the application is fundamental to provide a comprehensive service. Bob Rudd looks forward to continuing to offer its customers the most cutting-edge, reliable machines and support on the market with M2M data connectivity provided by Podsystem M2M’s Best Signal Multi-network SIM cards.