Innovation in Asset Management Technology with CASWA

Centralised network to improve business profitability

Founded in 2004, the Australian company CASWA creates software systems and hardware that enable businesses to make data driven decisions.  This dynamic group of engineers, IT and electronics professionals specialise in developing new technological solutions for engineering asset management.

Innovative devices produced at CASWA enable an administrative system that will increase longevity of equipment, promote efficiency of use of any powered installation and stimulate a culture of accountability among employees, thus improving business profitability.

Products for Safety, Reliability and Peace of Mind Delivered Globally

CASWA products, all manufactured in-house and distributed under the name Sole Digital, have been supplied to customers in 28 countries.  Customers’ activities vary but all applications involve the collection, telemetry and analysis of equipment usage data.

Providing the customer with the means to ensure that the company’s assets are being utilised safely, effectively and are in the hands of suitably qualified personnel is the main aim of the devices developed at CASWA.

Your Equipment, Who is Using it? When and How?

CASWA’s asset management technologies ensure that equipment owners:

Know who is using equipment and when
Know that they are trained and qualified to operate the equipment. If they weren’t, it wouldn’t have started for them
Know that the equipment has been maintained, if it hadn’t it wouldn’t have started
Know that a prestart safety check has been completed

Continual data logging and collection permits an effective management strategy:

Avoids premature failure of equipment due to patterns of incorrect operation.
Allows access to detailed information on how equipment is being used and by whom
Using an integrated system with multi-network SIM card connectivity means constant network coverage anywhere in the world and therefore uninterrupted monitoring of the company’s apparatus, wherever it may be located

Range of solutions for remote analysis and asset management

Sole Digital Products developed to date include AccessPack, an award winning access control system that can be fitted to any electrically powered device and that physically prevents appliances and machinery from being used by people who are not licensed or authorised to operate it.  All uses are gathered and logged in a centralised platform, providing management with a detailed service record of the customer’s assets.

Liftlog is a data logging and remaining life system for cranes that records all operations performed by the crane, as well as the operator in control at the time.  In addition, the system will send immediate, real time alerts via email or SMS when it detects overloads or dangerous usage. The system calculates the remaining useful life of the crane according to the standard applicable to the country. Collected data can be transmitted via the mobile data network to a secure webpage. The flexible multi network SIM card from PodsystemM2M used in this system means it maintains constant network coverage and can be used in countries throughout the world.

Consolidation of data from distant assets permits effective management decisions

Centralising data gathered from remote sources is vital to planning and strategic development in many sectors.  Wireless transmission of information allows monitoring, collation and analysis of figures gathered in real time from mobile sources at large distances from the main administrative hub.  Reviewing the material enables efficient assessment of business activity and maintenance of equipment in operation, thus converting data into information that can be used to make better decisions.

CASWA devices feed data back to clients’ management centres via a PodsystemM2M SIM card which sends data via the mobile network. Data transmission is fast and reliable; in addition the competitive and cost effective solution operates at a flat data rate worldwide.  This means clear, easy billing and furthermore simplifies customer relations, even when dealing on an international scale.

Multi Network Connectivity makes Export Business Practicable

A stand at a trade fair in the USA provided the opportunity for CASWA to access new markets outside Australia.  This expansion was made possible thanks to a collaboration with PodsystemM2M.  “When our export business began to take off we knew we needed someone who could deal with the complexities of hundreds of network carriers in dozens of countries”, says Paul Kelly, founder and director of CASWA, “To make matters worse, a lot of our gear goes to remote locations where the mainstream carriers simply have no footprint.”

PodsystemM2M were able to deliver a SIM card which perfectly fits CASWA’s requirements.  Since two of the main concerns were to simplify management of the connectivity and ensure a reliable connection even in remote areas, CASWA decided to deploy PodsystemM2M’s global multi network SIM card, which gives access to networks globally on one SIM at a flat rate. The SIM offers access to multiple networks in each country and if signal is lost the SIM automatically swaps to a different network, ensuring maximum coverage and reliability.  The ever increasing range of networks available through PodsystemM2M’s multi network SIM card meant that coverage was assured wherever in the world CASWA devices were installed.   “We needed the flexibility to switch carriers on the fly to meet the requirements of each location”, Paul continues, “PodsystemM2M make their own SIM cards and provision them to whatever set of networks we need”.

Ready to use SIM cards can be deployed “out of the box”

Each Podsystem SIM card comes pre-programmed and ready for multi-network connectivity.  CASWA know that their customers need their orders fulfilled rapidly and appreciate the fact that no time is wasted on complex SIM card set up routines.  “We just grab a SIM from the box, put it in the product, and ship it anywhere”, says Paul.

Personalised attention at Podsystem M2M allows customers to grow

At PodsystemM2M each client is seen as an individual and receives a customised service.  Time is taken to understand a customer’s specific needs and to develop a unique and reliable M2M solution that allows evolution of the clients’ projects and business.

PodsystemM2M take these partnerships very seriously, the relationship with each customer is a long term undertaking, where the needs and aspirations of the client can be brought to fruition through a close working partnership.  The team of M2M experts can advise the client on every aspect of their M2M application.  Collaboration during the conception and refinement of the connectivity solution delivers a sophisticated product that is ready to use, freeing time for continued development and exploration of new markets.   Paul Kelly finds this an invaluable help in the day to day running of his business, he adds, “PodsystemM2M’s provisioning means we spend less time focusing on getting our last installation going, and more time sealing the next deal”.