Mobile M2M Card Readers Give Just Rewards to Young Scot Cardholders

Young Scot Rewards

Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship charity for Scotland. Young Scot provides young people, aged 11 – 26, with a mixture of information, ideas and incentives to help them become confident, informed and active citizens.

Developed in partnership with the Scottish Government, Young Scot Rewards is an innovative initiative that allows young people to collect points and exchange them for money-can’t-buy rewards and experiences.

“More than just a card!” Mobile card readers with M2M connectivity and SIM cards

Young Scot Rewards is aimed at encouraging young people to take part in positive activities that benefit themselves and their communities. It works in the same way as loyalty cards used in supermarkets. Instead of rewards for grocery shopping, it encourages young people to take part in activities that benefit themselves and their communities by offering points for participating in positive activities such as healthy eating, volunteering, sports coaching or recycling. Participants can then redeem their points for Rewards, which include discounts and access to ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.

One of the mechanisms for collecting points is by using a Young Scot Mobile Card Reader equipped with a SIM and monthly data plan supplied by Podsystem. The card readers remove the need for paper vouchers and codes to collect points. The young person simply holds their Young Scot card against the back of the card reader and the screen displays a message letting them know that their visit has been recorded and that they have been awarded points, which are automatically added to their account.

The mobile card readers are used in youth groups to scan cards and award points to young people for attending the youth groups and for participating in activities. SIM cards are needed for these mobile card readers to send data back to a central server.

Reliable machine to machine connectivity with free data and SIM cards for charities

There are a large number of Young Scot cardholders aged 11-25. Take up is excellent because young people can sign up at school or through their local council. There are also a large number of potential Rewards providers who could use the mobile card readers to award points in future.

One of the biggest challenges was to find a way to make it easy for large numbers of young people to be rewarded and recognised for taking part in positive activities in their communities, but without the burden of expensive monthly data charges for the Young Scot charity. Before committing to rolling out the mobile card readers across Scotland, Young Scot had a lot of uncertainty about how much data would be needed and, as a charity; they needed to maintain close control over data costs.

David McNeill, Entitlements & Rewards Director at Young Scot said, “At first we didn’t know how much data we would need. We knew that the amount of data that would be used by the mobile card reading application would be minimal but were unsure about how much data would be used by just having the mobile reader on throughout the day. Our contact at Podsystem took the time to understand both our vision and our constraints and helped us to clarify our needs. We did a trial with one SIM card in one youth group for a couple of months to monitor how much data was used which was hugely helpful. Additionally, Podsystem Group provides both the SIMs and the data we need free of charge. This means the money we save can be spent directly on services for young people.”

Through Podsystem’s SIM cards for charities initiative, Young Scot were supplied with multi-network data SIM cards free of charge and they receive free monthly data packages, saving thousands of pounds on data charges, increasing efficiency and freeing up resources for their frontline charitable work.

Efficient use of resources with integrated M2M SIMs for charities

For Young Scot, using the mobile card readers vastly improves the efficiency and simplifies the management of the Rewards scheme. The need for paper vouchers and codes to collect points has been eliminated and points are credited automatically onto cardholders’ accounts. The mobile card readers are being used with great success in youth groups and there is potential to extend their use to other Rewards providers.

David McNeill, Entitlements & Rewards Director at Young Scot said, “We are really happy with the way things are working. There are over half a million Young Scot cardholders in Scotland and they can now collect Reward points just by swiping their card at our mobile readers in many of our locations. Eliminating the cost of these data bills is really important for us as a charity so that we can focus our resources directly towards supporting young people. The card readers with integrated SIMs keep the entire Rewards scheme simple and streamlined and receiving the data we need for free is a fantastic bonus.”

Young Scot receives SIMs and data from Podsystem free of charge. Visit our Corporate website for further information about how Podsystem’s SIMs for Charities Programme could help your charity.