Satelicar – an innovative high-tech business

 Founded in 2003, Satelicar has a wide experience in the development of integral control solutions able to determine the exact position, state and condition of all types of assets by means of different technologies; satellite, GPS, GRPS, dual services and also other applications by special request. Its services are continually being updated and optimized to provide clients with the best possible solution. Besides the head office, there are branches in La Paz and Santa Cruz.

Satelicar is a company with a strong commitment to innovative technology through its origins in R&D (Research and Development).  The key to its success is its capacity to create flexible, personalized solutions which extend to satellite tracking and geolocation, Backend Software platforms, LAN, Intranet, WEB and mobile solutions for both Android and iOS systems.  Satelicar develops links with different systems to create and offer its services as sources of information.

Tailormade connectivity solutions

The main services offered by Satelicar are: Satellite tracking with the aim of ensuring the security of vehicles, assets, people and pets, the development of mobile software for all types of applications, for example the localization of people or administration of businesses and integral solutions for logistics and fleet management, all designed and developed to meet the requirements and specifications of each customer’s business.

One of the key elements in all the products that Satelicar develops is the connectivity of the devices. In the case of satellite tracking it is essential to have a good connection to be able to send information on the location of the object, be it a vehicle or a person, continually and in real time to a central server.  This information is then converted by Satelicar’s software to a graphic representation that the user can access via a computer, tablet or smartphone, providing the user with a powerful analytical tool.  As well as the location of the asset, the system includes historical tables of previous routes and key events, for example in fleet management, excess speeding, sudden braking, a vehicle leaving a predetermined, limited geographical area etc.

The search for connectivity control

Satelicar has worked with various providers of M2M connectivity who supply a SIM card which can be inserted into a device to allow transmission of data across the mobile network.  However, its experience with certain providers was not a good one, especially as Satelicar was dependent on the service provided by the operator and had no control over the connectivity of the SIM cards.  Saúl Raphael, CEO of Satelicar commented “One of the providers with which we worked cut off our service unexpectedly and unilaterally which prompted us to look for alternative options.”

Remote control of the SIM card

Having searched for alternatives online, they found Podsystem.  The main difference between Podsystem and other MVNOs or Mobile Virtual Network Operators is that they manufacture their own SIM cards and negotiate with operators all over the world to be able to include their IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), or network profile, on the card.  This means that they have absolute control over the card and its connectivity, instead of simply being resellers of cards like other MVNOs in the market.  On the other hand, Podsystem has developed an application which allows the SIM card to change from one IMSI to another automatically should the card lose its signal due to a technical difficulty on one of the networks, thus avoiding any failure in the connectivity of the device. In addition, an OTA (Over the Air) platform allows instructions to be sent to the device remotely, for example adding a new IMSI with better pricing or coverage each time Podsystem makes an agreement with a new provider.

The advantages of good customer service

The aim of this solution is to allow Podsystem’s customers to regain control of the connectivity of their devices, with the satisfaction of knowing that they are not dependent on any single operator and that they have the flexibility to change the way they connect if necessary.

In addition, Podsystem aims to create a long-term relationship with its clients to allow their customers’ businesses to grow.  For this reason, the after sales service is the most important aspect of the business.  Podsystem provides 18 hours’ continuous account management each day from its offices in Europe and the USA.  As well as this, a technical support team, staffed by M2M experts, is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Saúl Raphael confirms “Podsystem provides great service and excellent customer support.”