Rewire Security - masters of integrated tracking solutions

GPS Tracking is now a universal possibility. The concept of tracking is one with which we have grown more comfortable over the past few years.

rewire-logoInitially the idea that Big Brother could really be monitoring our every move produced a sense of unease and not a little paranoia; this coupled with the high running costs and large, clumsy devices available at the time meant that this field remained largely the preserve of soldiers and spies on the silver screen and in TV dramas. As devices have become more accurate, cheaper, smaller and more autonomous, however, the benefits that GPS tracking can offer open up an almost infinite realm of possibilities, no longer limited to the military and the shadow elite.

Football and rugby teams train and play linked to GPS monitoring systems, now permitted by the sports’ governing bodies even at top level matches, they have revolutionised game strategy, player management and injury prevention. From the football field to fields of a more humble nature, GPS has generated a new move in farming. So called “precision agriculture” makes use of GPS technology to plan and control crop sowing and treatment, land surveying and water management. GPS guidance systems which steer tractors to make perfect, unswerving linear rows in order to maximise land production have become common place and are hailed as one of the greatest innovations in farming in recent years.

Indeed, people working in just about any field are using GPS technology to make their work more accurate, safer, more efficient or easier. From crime-fighting to fine art shipping, pet owning to mountain hiking, through doctors, rescue workers, dispatchers and nature conservationists, the ability of GPS systems to track, time, navigate, map and locate has revolutionised the way we see the world and find ourselves in it.

Geolocation and Geo-fencing of vehicles and assets

Geolocation of moving assets has become standard in fleet management and logistics, devices fitted to vehicles of all types can relay information not only about their whereabouts and operational status but also driver performance and behaviour back to a central control centre for monitoring and analysis. This allows optimal fleet management, improved efficiency and an all-round improvement for customer services.

The practice of so called geo-fencing, where tracking technology can be used to define a permitted area of movement for a target, means that alerts can be sent to supervisors to inform them immediately if the device moves out of this predetermined area. This is of interest to fleet operators of various types but its uses extend beyond vehicles.

GPS trackers are now so small and light that they are truly wearable, offering the chance to keep an eye on your loved ones. As children approach their teens and begin to extend their boundaries it can be worrying for parents. Equally, unsettling may be older relatives who still want independence but who´s frailty gives cause for concern. Over half of the sufferers of dementia or Alzheimer´s will wander repeatedly at some point, easily becoming lost, even in familiar surroundings, in their increasing confusion. Children, elderly relatives and pets fitted with tracking devices can now be monitored and should they wander from a safe area, care givers will instantly be alerted and can respond appropriately.

Cutting edge GPS tracking solutions from Rewire Security

Rewire Security is a recognized industry leader in GPS tracking and security systems. From their base in Bristol, UK, they provide not only one of the UK’s largest range of GPS tracking devices, but also a live, cloud-based tracking service allowing them to offer a tailor-made solution to suit just about any user, from an individual, private person through to large businesses and organisations.

As well as supplying selected hardware from other manufacturers, Rewire Security proudly offer their own range of tracking devices. The baby in the Rewire family is the diminutive 102-Nano tracker, one of the smallest devices on the market at present. The 102 Nano is about the size of a matchbox and weighs just 66g including battery. However, just because it’s not bulky doesn’t mean that it lacks power. It can track by turn or by distance and updates can be sent from as often as every 10 seconds but it can also be used as a simple SMS tracker, responding to your call with an SMS messaged link to Google maps telling you exactly where it is. With several advanced features also packed in, its handy size makes it an ideal device for keeping tabs on family members or employees or small pieces of equipment such as drones. An optional wiring kit means it can be permanently installed in a vehicle too.


Its more rugged sibling, the 104-Pro Magnetic GPS tracker from Rewire Security, comes with a powerful magnet and weatherproof casing making it appropriate for covert use or for mounting under a vehicle. It shares all of the functionality of the Nano but in addition to a high capacity 6000mah rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 60 days in standby mode.

Like the 102-Nano, the 104-Pro has SMS move alerts, SOS alerts, over speed alerts and geo-fencing functions amongst others. It can be remotely configured too by the operator. One of the 104-pros most notable features is the ability to cut the vehicle’s fuel off remotely via an SMS message which effectively immobilises the vehicle in the event of theft or unauthorised use. This feature is shared by other models of tracking devices available from Rewire Security for permanent installation in vehicles which all together make for a very comprehensive range of devices. (

Podsystem M2M Data SIM card gives global coverage

Rewire Security complete the range of solutions they offer by paring their sophisticated devices with an M2M data SIM card aiming to provide pan-European and indeed global cover to their devices. They elected to bundlePodsystem’s M2M data SIM card with their devices. The main difference between Podsystem and other MVNOs or Mobile Virtual Network Operators is that they manufacture their own SIM cards and negotiate with operators all over the world to be able to include their IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), or network profile, on the card. This means that they have absolute control over the card and its connectivity, instead of simply being resellers of cards like other MVNOs in the market. This solution, which allows access to multiple networks all over the world on one flat rate, also guarantees coverage for their devices wherever they are located regionally. Bilen Saribardak, founder and director of Rewire Security explained, “The ability to tailor the connectivity requirements and data plans to suit our customers’ requirements was key”.

Strongest signal SIM card ensures no downtime

By means of their in-house cloud based tracking service, Rewire Security’s customers can locate their devices at all times, as well as record a history of their devices’movements. ( and A continuity of connectivity is vital in maintaining this feedback. Bilen wanted to ensure that the devices he was offering would have constant connections whether they were at home or abroad. The M2M Data SIM developed by PodsystemM2M comes with an integral application which allows the SIM card to change from one IMSI to another automatically should the card lose its signal due to a technical difficulty on one of the networks, thus avoiding any failure in the connectivity of the device and so ensuring maximum coverage and dependability. “Reliable network coverage was fundamental to why we chose Podsystem over other M2M providers”, Mr. Saribardak stated.

Remote configuration of SIM cards saves time and money

In addition, Podsystem has, an OTA (Over the Air) platform which allows instructions to be sent to the device remotely, for example adding a new IMSI with better pricing or coverage each time Podsystem makes an agreement with a new provider. Being able to modify connectivity settings without having to recall devices was of vital importance to Rewire. Bilen Saribardak explains, “The online platform with SMS gateway and complete SIM management ability means we can offer one of the UK’s most extensive range of GPS trackers that can continue to evolve as technology develops without the need for time consuming and costly device replacements or manual upgrades”.

Constant technical back-up ensures complete customer support

Rewire Security are determined to support their customers all the way. “We listen to our customers and aim to understand their needs so we can meet each ones’ specific requirements”, explains Mr. Saribardak “We want to be with them to the end”. This ethosfits exactly with the thinking at Podsystem. “We chose to work with Podsystem because they too are passionate about supplying a complete service. Whenever we have had a question or a problem their knowledgeable and friendly customer service team have helped us to find a solution quickly and effectively. This means that we in turn can keep our clients happy.”

“At Rewire Security we are proud of the professional, cost effective and thorough service we offer, we strive to work with the best providers we can find. The M2M data SIMs that Podsystem supplies means we can keep supplying cutting edge GPS tracking technology.”, comments Bilen, “Everything we do as a company is based on reinforcing our position as the most responsive solution provider in the GPS Tracking industry.”

With their devices, solution and partners, Rewire Security is well positioned to prosper and grow within the competitive and fast changing word of of Machine to Machine technologies and the greater Internet of Things (IoT). We are certain to hear more from them in the future.